digital partner programme


join our community of skin care

what and why

Create an extra revenue stream from your customers who might be shopping online from time to time

Avoid the cost of launching your
own ecommerce site by leveraging the Dermalogica SA Website

Provide your customers
with access to online
exclusive offerings


The Dermalogica digital partner programme enables you to earn 30%* commission on any online order (ex VAT) that your clients make when using your digital partner referral code or referral link on

*From time to time the commission percentage could be increased to assist your business. However, during Black Friday period the commission percentage would be lowered to 5%.

how to sign up

step 1

terms & conditions

read and accept the terms and conditions below, and submit.


step 2

create an account

Create an account on if you don’t have an account already, using the same email address as given to us in the terms and conditions, and save your login details.

step 3

register and log in

Once you have registered for the programme and Dermalogica has approved your application, you will receive a welcome email - you can then log in.

step 4

refferal code

In the profile icon you will see the drop down showing’My affiliate account’ – this section contains your commission history of completed orders as well as the ‘My innovations’ section where you will find your referral code.

how to use the link/code

social media

Add your link to your social posts, whatsapp messages or emails so that the digital partner link is embedded and it would take your client to the Dermaliogica website as a referral.

on your website

Embed your digital partner link into the shop now button from your own website to click through to


Your six digit / letter referral code can be entered by your clients on the cart and checkout page of Their purchase will be captured as a referral order.

For both options you will earn commission for 18 months after they use the referral code link online for the first time. When the client uses the link / code again in that time period it will start the day counting which should result in you earning commission on purchases continuously.

how will I know when my clients used my referral code?

You will receive a notification by email from the Dermalogica team when a customer has bought from the Dermalogica website using your referral link / code. You will recive their name, order number and the list of products bought (with totals) to keep track. Commission earned will be credited to your Dermalogica account on the 1st of the next month.

how to use the link/code

example of how using the digital partner programme can be profitable to you

selling from your skincare centre

R1999 retail stock =
R1199 wholesale value of stock sitting on the shelf

Cost of the GWP = R394
Courier costs = R100
Packaging costs = R30



using the digital parter programme

Your commission on a R1999 order:


testimonial from cally ash of body care studion in westville

“Dermalogica’s affiliate program is such a win-win for all! I get to offer my clients fantastic online deals as well as earn commission for our skin care centre. I love that we receive emails now of all online purchases through our affiliate link so we can see who bought what and when. Thank you Dermalogica!”

if you have any queries

please feel free to contact us on or ask your bc.